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Post  Nature9000 on Fri Apr 01, 2011 12:18 am

Ah I've had a history on RP forums (One of my best friends and so forth), how they were nice. I remember so much about RPs, but you have to be careful of the ones who don't know about roleplaying very well.

For instance, you can't control any character other than yours. Out of Character postings would be said in a manner of "(this)" or so forth. If I recall, a lot of the in characters had special color codings, but that was just our discretion then. Ael slashed through the head of a demon and looked away, panting heavily. "Are you kidding me with all these creatures? Can't we catch a break?!"
One of my old characters, haha. This, I presume is obviously an iCarly RP, so yeah. I miss the RPs. Can't just be random and most times you remain with one or two characters. Tell what the story is supposed to be about, etc etc.

For instance, a good RP of mine, and believe me, adventure works best for roleplaying, was once a crossover with iCarly and Legend of Zelda. You can not have fights over who is paired up, either, because those are always horrible and deflect from a good roleplay. It just can't happen. It is BAD.

Ah, enough recollection Laughing Rolling Eyes


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